Monday, July 22, 2013

Rethinking Things

Hubby and I decided pretty quickly that we didn't want a crib for the baby and at the point I was thinking this, I was still in a state where I could have cared less about this pregnancy or not.  I wasn't sure where the baby would 'go', so a crib didn't make much sense if baby A had to share a room with JC.

I also thought that maybe a crib would be a waste of money, as pretty soon we would have to get rid of it and get a bed once the baby got bigger.  Now, I am not so sure we made the right decision as I'm still on the fence about getting a crib or not.  We also already got a really nice pack and play that is set up and ready to go in baby's nursery.  But I got to the thinking last night about the pros and cons of both.

Right now, Universal is having a sale on a crib and matching change table dresser.  They are about the same price we paid for the pack and play high chair, which got me thinking.  The crib comes with 2 drawers underneath, something I desperately need: storage space.  The change table also has 2 functions: changing table and dresser with 4 drawers (even more space).  Thinking about it, kids can feasibly use their crib until they are around 3 or 4 years old, which would give us a good amount of usage time and save us from having to buy a toddler bed.  At 4, most kids (my kids anyway) can transition to a twin bed.

Don't get me wrong, I love our pack and play.  But because it's in the baby's room, we would need a smaller type bassinet for baby to sleep in our room for the first few weeks.  The pack and play serves 3 purposes as well:  bassinet, changing station and play pen.  Kids can use the pack and play until they are around 2 years old:  the bassinet portion is meant only for infants until they are able to sit unassisted.  The play pen is meant for babies 5 or 6 months until the toddler years.  But then after Baby A turns 2, we would have to buy a toddler bed, which means we get less usage time out of the play pen and we would have to spend extra money to buy a twin bed once baby A is older then 4 years old.  Is it really worth it then?  Are we really saving money with the pack and play?  Seeing as there is not much storage space either, we have to get a dresser as well.

My mind is so confused right now.  I don't want to spend more money we don't have but at the same time I want us to get as much bang for our buck as we can.  If we did go ahead and get the crib and dresser, then the pack and play would go in our room.  But we don't have much time as the sale ends the end of this month and then it won't be worth it or cost effective anymore to buy the crib as the price will increase drastically.

I guess I wonder, what would YOU do?  Are we insane for not wanting a crib for baby?  Or are we being smart and saving money by utilizing a product that serves more than just one use?  I know hubby is still dead set against getting a baby jail...I mean, crib so there is no convincing him otherwise.  It's up to me to come to terms with our decision and figure out what I really want and be to content with that.

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