Sunday, January 3, 2010


Yes, it is 2010. A new year. A new dawn. A new way of living. And what a way to start the new year than on yet another family vacation, at the beach. YES! Now that's what I'm talking about.

We left Tuesday, December 29 on another trip to Puerto Viejo, Limon (what is now fast becoming our favorite vacation destination in Costa Rica). We stayed for about 3 days (and nights). And rang in the new year at the beach... yeah baby! Really, is there any better way than to start a new year? Being with my family in paradise.... perfection at it's best.

Waiting for our bus at the station (which happens to be very near the Museo de los Ninos- Children's Museum). We decided to have breakfast here.

Waiting for our bus to depart. Going to Limon on bus was an adventure for me and a first. The kids did great too.

The countryside... this is a banana farm/plantation. You see a lot of these. And take note of that gorgeous blue sky.

On arrival. Waiting for Hubby to book our room. We stayed at the Casa Verde Lodge again.

Our (first) room... the only one available. The bathroom was HUGE. And 3 beds. Woot!

The perfect chill spot... in the hammock on the porch.

By the pool our first day.

Getting ready to jump...

And 'splash!'

They loved the pool... well, not so much at first. It took a while for Fatty to warm up to it and for Princess to get in.

Swimming with our New Zealand 'friends'


Heading out on the town.

Admiring the scenery.

Say 'cheese'!

A map of Puerto Viejo... it's not a very big town at all.


Our second day.

The beach.

By the monkey.

Waiting for breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants in Puerto Viejo.

A bountiful meal. Pinto and eggs done Limon style with rice and beans and coconut milk. YUM!

Having dessert after breakfast. It started to rain so we figured we would chill at the ice-cream place next door for a bit... Carribeans, an all natural ice-cream, smoothie and dessert shop... and a favorite of ours.

Sharing a cone.

I ordered a frozen cappuccino but the machine was out so I got this instead... similar to a smoothie with shot of espresso. It was so tasty.

Princess with Hubby, enjoying the pool.


Up the stairs and down the stairs.

On our second day, after we got a chance to enjoy the pool, we got our new room. It had a different set up from our first room... smaller bathroom and only 2 beds. But it had a kitchen (a plus), a living area and a HUGE porch with a dining area. Sweet!

Prepping dinner. Now I usually don't like to cook on my vacation, but with a fully equipped kitchen and fresh ingredients galore (we were at the beach), how could I refuse?

Enjoying our meal outdoors.

Dinner: fried whole fish (not sure which kind), rice, sliced tomatoes and chips with avocado dip. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Delicious. Hubby and the kids had fish fillets, without the bones.

Another day... another chance to enjoy the pool

"Come on, hurry up"... Boobie waiting for me to STOP taking pictures.

Ignore the old car in the picture, just focus on that beautiful skyline and pristine ocean water. I didn't actually go TO the beach... I pretty much just went swimming in the pool the whole trip, but it is so nice to look at.

A visit to the park. Who goes to the park while at the beach? ME! The kids were restless in the room while Hubby and the guys went to the beach so I took them to the park to blow off some steam... the beach was literally RIGHT in front of us. Cool beans!

Going down the slide... my Princess is so brave. That slide was steeeeeep!

She made it!

Look at the beach in the background.

On the see-saw.

On the swings.

Yup, he really was tired... he tuckered out on the swing.

That night's dinner menu: Quick and easy chicken, tomato and onion salsa and rice.

Hubby grabbing a plateful.

New Years Eve... fireworks.

Puerto Viejo nightlife on News Years Eve.

On the beach at night.

The moon.

New Years Day... and heading back home.

One last beach shot... and it's bye bye Puerto Viejo.

On our way home, back to our regularly scheduled life. LOL.

It was a perfect trip, minus a few hiccups... most notably the mosquitoes who made breakfast, lunch and dinner meals out of my kids. Must remember mosquito repellent for our next trip.

I was able to not only relax and just enjoy my trip, but I managed to squeeze in 2 days of running along the beach, which is like being in heaven. I know I always say this after a vacation, but I cannot wait to go back.

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