Monday, January 11, 2010

I Miss The Sun

Oh where o where did the sun go?

Oh where o where could it be?

For I do miss thee, oh mighty sun...

Why won't you come out and play with me?

Yes, the sun is in hiding again. For the past 2 days or so, it's been rainy, cold and cloudy. Dark and depressing... weather fit for winter time in Costa Rica, in months like September, October and November. This is not fit weather for January... summer time. Yet, alas, we have been experiencing this dark and moody weather on and off this month.

I missed my jog due to weather conditions today and yesterday, we stayed inside pretty much all day. The kids barely left the house today. And only ventured out yesterday for a few minutes on a short errand with me. I am not complaining too much. At least it's not snowing or below freezing. I can still get away with wearing a skirt even in this type of weather. But I do miss the sunny mornings. I was getting used to the summer time weather. I hope it hasn't passed me by so soon.

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