Friday, January 22, 2010

We Made A Decision

Or rather, I made a decision. I finally chose a school for Boobie. Here's a hint: it's neither Conbi College nor Saint Benedict. I was losing sleep and stressing about which of these two schools to choose; one that was too far away but more affordable or the one that was closet but a little high in tuition.

Well, in the end, I went with a totally different school and it was just by luck too. Today I decided to visit Colegio Monterrey. I had written it off my list because it was too expensive (c140.000 colones... a little less than $250 a month).

But I decided to go see it all the same, hoping against hope that it would help me with my decision. Well, I called and made an appointment for today at 11 am. Boobie and I headed over there and to my surprise it is pretty close. Not as close as Conbi but much closer than Saint Benedict.

I wasn't impressed with the school at first sight so I thought I would still be battling over my decision of which school to choose after the visit. Well, let me just tell you this: We LOVE the school (the tour sealed the deal) and after a quick meeting with hubby to show him the brochure and tell him a little about the school, we decided to apply. Hopefully Boobie will be attending next month.

I have to call on Monday and set up a meeting for Boobie to take 2 placement exams in Math and English on Tuesday. He'll also have a meeting with the director and we'll find out for certain whether he got accepted. Then from there, it's time for the money to do some talking. We have to pay the enrollment fee of c120.000 colones, the one time fee of c15.000 colones, uniforms (which are fairly reasonably priced), books, school supplies, and the tuition for February. School begins the 3rd, so that does not leave us with enough time to do it all. Fortunately, uniforms and books are sold at the school so that is one stop shopping. And most every where else sells school supplies so I can get my shopping done in just one day.

Now why did I settle for an even more expensive school than my first 2 choices. I don't know. I guess the school just spoke to me. It is HUGE!!! Even bigger than Conbi and Saint Benedict. It has a library, computer and science labs, a ginormous gym and a cafeteria the size of half my house. No joke. Not to mention so many places for the kids to play outdoors (a soccer field, football field, basketball court, a play ground). It hit EVERY single point of importance on my list.

While the price is a bit high, it is still doable and won't stretch us too much, although I'll have to watch my spending from now on. Also, the school is NOT bilingual which puzzles me because they offer, I think it was, 14 lessons in English a week. Just as much as Conbi and Saint Benedict. But the biggest selling point: Boobie LOVES the school, even more than Saint Benedict so we have a winner. I cannot wait for him to start school now.

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