Monday, January 25, 2010


What a perfect Sunday I had. I tell you, it does not get any better, and when it does, it's just heaven all around.

So Hubby called me Sunday morning and asked me if I wanted to run up to the apartment and meet him so we could hang as a 'couple' for the day. I LOVE couple time as much as I love family time, so I was 'gung ho' and said yes!

After getting the kids showered and fed, I got ready to jog the 30 minutes to San Pedro to Hubby's apartment. It was a good jog. After I showered, Hubby and I enjoyed each others 'company' then headed out for a walk to find a place to eat. We both wanted Jamaican so we headed over to the new Jamaican restaurant in Curridabat (a stone's throw away from the apartment right on the San Pedro line). I forget the name of the restaurant, but it wasn't very creative; something like Jamaican Grill or something like that. It's right across the street from Kai's Cafe (another one of my favorite spots).

The ambiance was perfect. A little fancy on the inside but not over the top fancy where I felt uncomfortable (I still had my jogging clothes on). I LOVED the music in the background... mostly old school R&B, like Whitney Houston, R.Kelly, Boys To Men and the like. I was jamming to the music while I waited for the food and Hubby enjoyed watching the soccer game they had on the huge flat screen TV.

The menu was impressive. I didn't even scan the whole thing. I just focused on the Jamaican cuisine. They had dishes like Oxtail, Curry Chicken and Goat (yum), Jerk Chicken, etc. I mean dishes I had never seen here before and food I hadn't eaten in the 3+ years since I've been here. I was salivating. Hubby ordered the Ackee and Salt fish dish (it was served with rice and beans... rice and peas... and a salad). I ordered the Oxtail and rice and peas (it also came with a salad), along with Te Frio (iced tea). They ran out of te frio so I settled for the frutas drink, which I wasn't too happy with so I switched my frutas for Hubby's Mora, which was delish.

Now the food was OK, satisfying for sure, but they could have given bigger portions for the price... each dish was about C4.000 colones (roughly about $7). While Hubby was still hungry after our late lunch, I was full. But I did wish they gave more Oxtail, as oxtail is a part of the beef with VERY little meat and lots of bone. But I enjoyed the food and look forward to going back and trying out the other dishes on the menu. Next time I'll remember my camera.

Compared to the other Jamaican restaurant we go to, I'd have to give this one a 7 in comparison (for now). The rice and beans was good but the other place makes it better. And service was terrible. I didn't mind as I was reading the map of Jamaica they had on the table with some very interesting information about Jamaica, but Hubby was not too pleased.

After our dining experience, we walked over to the Munos y Nane bakery shop and grabbed some sweets for dessert (I got a chocolate covered cookie and Hubby got a danish). Then I grabbed a drink and we headed back to the apartment.

It was still such a nice day (a little cooler than the morning), so Hubby and I decided to ride our bikes back home (I rode Boobie's bike that he had left at the apartment Saturday). Now I had not really ridden a mountain bike before and it's been a while, a long while, since I've ridden a bicycle period. Now imagine me riding my bike on the street... a 10 year old's bike at that. Boy did I need help. So Hubby and I switched bikes. It was a workout I tell you, especially going up hill. And today, in between my legs where I sit on the bike is SWORE. I am in pain still, but it was so much fun I look forward to doing it again (I need to learn). It was so awesome being with Hubby, spending quality time with him and even squeezing in a little activity.

Like I said a perfect Sunday.

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