Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not Typical Me

You know, Boobie's birthday is like 2 months away.... a good 60 days according to my countdown. Typically I would start planning his party or activity already, maybe even have a few party stuff tucked away in anticipation for the event.

This year is just a little different. I am not going to be doing the typical me stuff anymore. I am trying to be a little more thrifty and save money. And since I have been so preoccupied with finding Boobie a school and PAYING for it, a birthday party was the farthest thing from my mind. BUT I do love a party and even more so, I love planning them, so it was in the back of my mind the whole time.

Boobie mentioned wanting to have a party at the skating rink in San Pedro. I thought it a good idea. He could invite a few kids (friends/cousins) and I could take them skating, then head over to the Mall San Pedro for lunch afterwards. But Boobie didn't like that idea. He wanted a PRIVATE party! That means renting the entire rink for only his party guests for a birthday skate-a -thon. Yeah Boobie great idea... even more money out of our pockets, Huh? This kid has no idea how much his education costs.

OK, so I decided to humor the idea; what the hey right. Nothing wrong in asking. As I was passing by the rink the other day, I got the number to call to solicit party information. I finally called today (took me a couple of weeks; like I said, preoccupied with schools). Anyway, the price wasn't BAD but it wasn't good either: c90.000 for 2.5 hours of skating for up to 50 people. If I wasn't thinking money for schools at this point, I would have said, "sure sounds fine, lets do it." But then I have to think of food for the party and that's yet another expense.

I mean, it's not a no. I will think it over. I know what Hubby will say, so I won't even mention it to him YET. Of course the other option is having something small here at home, like we did last year. I just need to get all this school stuff situated before I can think of any more money coming of my pocket. I'm still for a few friends going skating then lunch at the mall after, then home for cake. Maybe he'll warm up to that idea.

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